My Virtual World - HEREALD : Final War in the 5th Millennium
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HEREALD : Final War in the 5th Millennium

   نوشته شده توسط: وحید معصومی    نوع مطلب :HERALD : the Final War in 5th Millennium A.D. - ISLAM : the Last Victor ،

This story [Historical Fiction : Hi - Fi ]  has been created in an "inventive" & specific method of authorship.
Time of the story : 5th millennium = 5000 years after the birth of Christ.
Main location : 1. United States of America         2. Russia
                       3. Middle East (Iran, Saudi Arabia & ... )
... And many locations on Earth & out of Earth [Milk Way Galaxy) 

Notes : My documentaries are out of order. Accept my apologies about this matter. 
It takes a lot of time to put the texts into a fine & correct structure. 
Because of large scale of my written materials, I'm publishing them with haste. 

There are so many writings which are waiting for a time to be published & presented. 

Sorry again for this problem

Victor Morano


                         An Emperor in the 5th Millennium


        Chapter Two  


                       Victor Morano – An Ordinary  Citizen



According to the first chapter, Victor Morano was born in 4521. When Pavakinash government had passed more than 50 years of his life in Russia and Theodor Pavakin was New Russia's Emperor.

In 4525 Victor Morano entered English Language and Literature Faculty of Gilbert University in Indianapolis when he was 21 years old. After Americans' defeat at Alaska borders, the situation was out of control in that region for sometimes. And there were discursive and casual implications between two sides for a period of time. In 4541, Alvin McFloyd was introduced as US President. He declared in his first speech in White House that he will relieve Russians and rectify their intrusion.

He said: " It's really funny that in fifth millennium in such a civilized clime like Russia, democracy has been terminated and dictatorship has settled in its place. It's obvious that Russians has not perceived the meaning of Republicanism yet ". I think that, in these words McFloyd has compared American government with Russian's, and he has given the eminence to his nation. Of course this belief was true until Morano achieved the power and destroyed US society with himself.

Victor had a gracious and potent personality and he got average scores. He spent most of his time at home and didn't like to commingle with others or participate in parties. Brenda Target in her book – " Victor Morano, Fire under the Ashes " – wrote: " Victor's classmates called him “good boy” and always deride him cos' he was bashful ". You should know that, “good boy” was a common expression in educational centers and it still was used in many situations. This expression was applied about a person who traditionally reads books all the time, does not annoy anyone, silently comes and goes. Yes, Victor has got such a personage in that period.

Brenda Target was born in 4598 and her book, “Victor Morano, Fire under the Ashes “was published in 4626. This book is one of the references which I used very much and in this part of our discourse, we will refer to it at many times.

Victor in the middle of 4543, entered New Poets of America crew which was one the student groups in Gilbert University, and published a weekly. Now, Victor enjoyed being among the others and his socialism was fortified. Fortunately Victor's biography is available with all its details. There are few vague points about it. According to B. Target's writings, Victor spoke his first speech in Gilbert Univ. on 10th October 4543 A.D.

This speech was about Shakespearian literature and it had no relation with the smeary world of policy. Although Victor was an aristocrat and he had been grown up in magnificent castles but very soon, he connected to New Poets of America's members so intimately. He did not talk about his family situation as much as he could and he did not like arrogance or pomposity.

Victor's father – David Morano – resigned as Indiana's governor, 15 years ago in 4528 and went to Senate. Those Victor's friends, who knew his social class, made themselves close to him and fawned in order to gain some advantages. In this period which Victor spent most of his time for university, his brother – Martin Morano – went to Duncan James Martial Academy and preferred militarism to college education. Later Martin influenced Victor's life very much which we will talk about it completely in the future.

In Victor's first year of collegiate life, he was acquainted with Sharon Abrahams. She was born in Hawaii, 4518. Up to eighteen years, she lived in Hawaii and afterward spent a while beside her relatives in Mexico that contained pleasant memoirs for her. In 4540 she was accepted in Edward Fair Arts Faculty, Indianapolis. Sharon met Victor at collegiate press festival. This festival was executed in October's first two weeks, 4543 and nearly forty journals had been taken part in it. As we said before, Victor delivered a speech in this festival.

Sharon attended the speech session and this subject was a principle for these two persons' acquaintance. The love affair between Victor and Sharon is a topic which several books has been published about it and there are different notions around this matter. Target wrote: "This Hawaiian girl (with derisive manner) could distract all the senses of our Indianapolitan noble and could affiliate Victor to herself. Victor could not be away from Sharon for more than three days."

Of course Target exaggerates a little and according to documentaries, the relation among these two people was not so intimate. Anyway as we know, Victor fell in love with Sharon that was the first time which he experienced such a feeling. Steve Roundhead says in his book – The Lost Farmlands: "Morano's love to Abrahams was so serious which he never fell in love with another one like that. It's a really strange matter how this "natural born vampire" felt the meaning of love. This is one of the questions which I will never find its response."

I agree with Roundhead this time and confirm his notion. January 4544 is a climax in Victor's life and contributes his future. Victor went to Charlotte (city) – North Carolina – for that year's Christmas vacation in order to spend a while with his uncle's family. During this reminiscent trip, Sharon accompanied Victor. Walter Rockster – Victor's oldest uncle – was North Carolina governor and one of the west America's wealthiest and most famous people. Walter Rockster with his family lived in Blue Sky Palace in the countryside. The building of this palace was used as a museum nowadays. Walter Rockster's family celebrated all Christmas period and they were famous in this matter. It was 5 January that Victor's parents came to Charlotte City accompanying Martin (20 years old), Sandra (15 years old) and Margaret (24). They completed the family gathering in Blue Sky Palace. When Victor was beside his uncle's family, he took the chance in order to get intimate with KEVIN ROCKSTER – his cousin. Kevin was a member of Angry Tigers group – a secret and illegal gang – and worked in the military section of it.

"Angry Tigers" was constituted by Eric Scraper in 4532. Eric Scraper was adjutant of US Army General Commander but in 4530 he was fired

for the guilt of cooperation with Russian spies. And thereafter he swore to revenge someday. According to tried and reliable documents, we induced it's clear that Scraper betrayed against his homeland. He sabotaged during the great Crampons (or Ice Crackers) Operation in 4016, in serious involvements between Russian and US forces in Alaska and Bering Strait. E. Scraper worked for Russians' interests in this case. US Army high-ranked attendants believed that Scraper's failure was the main proof of their frustration about the successful performing of Ice Crackers Operation.

Anyway, Eric Scraper as a "dismissed general" is not a confirmed person and the party which he organized had no popular support. Hectic and naughty Kevin who was one of AT's (Angry Tigers') fanatic members, took the chance and encouraged Victor and Sharon in order to join the gang. Kevin declared that after these two persons' entrance, they can take control of AT military section with their three personal cooperation. Victor was so eager but Sharon did not feel as the same. Linda Rogers stated in her book "Christmas Vacation beside the Tigers": "Because of Kevin Rockster's suggestion,Victor regardless of Sharon's dissatisfaction entered AT and walked in the complicated world of policy. Sharon's objections did not affect and Victor became an AT member. He agreed to work with AT branch in Indianapolis and Kevin admired him so much.

After discuss AT affair, we'd better talk about Sharon issue. The plan which she designed was so intelligent. In order to hide the relationship between Victor and Sharon, she introduced herself as a friend of Janet.

Janet was Kevin's sister and acted according to the plan very well. Sharon and Janet acted their roles very nice so everyone accepted them as two intimate friends. Do not forget that Sharon was an art student and one term had remained to her bachelorship. At last Christmas vacation finished and Victor returned to Indianapolis with Sharon.

Since February 4544, Victor started his formal activities at AT branch in Indianapolis. It's important to know that Eric Scraper was one of the special proponents of Vlademir Sozhenko. And because of his special

respect for Sozhenko, he selected the name of Angry Tigers for his party. Victor after a while became a fanatic member of the crew. He discerned every suitable place for speech and plug and presumed very seriously in this matter. Now Victor's life had been divided into two parts: university and party, so there was no place for Sharon. Lately March 4544, Sharon ignoring Victor left Indianapolis in order to receive Hawaii. This act made these two persons' relationship worse. Victor recognized this matter pleasantly in his diaries. Anyway Victor had entered a new period of his life and his personality's bases were changing. Roberto Cordoe an Italian-American and a resident of Sanfrancisco, wrote in "Removal to Brutality" (book): "I wish February 4544 never came. But what we can do when humanity is the prisoner of time. We can not stop the time whenever we wish. After Sharon Abrahams' sudden trip, Victor's feelings damaged and US nation paid a high cost for it". I do not agree with Cordoe in this matter in which we know Sharon guilty for all these faults but I believe besides being the prisoner of time, humanity is the slave of fate.


·        Just an Ordinary Speech


One of the activities which had been stressed in AT's charter, was the members' act of speech. This matter was compatible with Victor's nature. According to a message that Victor received on March 4544, he was in charge to prepare a speech in Millicent University on March 12th. He began to work and advertised so much. Beside all problems he could take the university hall for his lecture. There is a important matter that despite the availability of modern audio and video facilities for recording the speech ceremony, unfortunately our information is not sense and complete. Something about six minutes of the most important part of this speech which had been recorded on CD has been erased. In different papers which have been written by some reporters, the same part has been lost. Most of the historians obey the writings of Carla Milestone and accept it in this case.

On March 13th Carla Milestone wrote in US Message newspaper: I was listening eagerly to Morano's speech, suddenly I saw Harry Prime. He had stood beside a man and whispered to his ears. For a few minutes I was spying them until that man took apart from Prime suspiciously. That man left Prime in a way which I thought he was obeying an order. I chased the person with my eyes and it's amazing that he entered the camera room of the hall." Harry Prime was the assistant of Indiana's governor, in fact he worked for Victor's father and he has been assigned for financial corruption two years later. After discussing these issues, it's better to attend to the main subject.


·        April 4544 : Sharon Marries


All the people expected a great life crisis for Victor when he heard about Sharon Abrahams' wedding, but truth verified it vice versa. This affair should be the worst affair for Victor but really it was not and two days after S. Abrahams and Frank Mild's marriage ceremony, Victor sent a congratulation card for Sharon.

Really Victor had what kind of personality and how did he change his way during some years? We can describe this behavior as a childish perversity. Frank Mild from his personality, his wealthiness, his knowledge and chiefly in all dimensions could not be compared with Victor. We do not talk about this Sharon's sudden action here but the way which Victor tolerated this matter is a discussable issue.

Cordoe in his book "Removal to Brutality" writes these sentences about this subject: "It's a question for me that why Morano did not revenge Sharon. Sense of avenge was one of the prominent traits of Morano's personality and till to his death this trait did not dilute. Anyway we can not estimate about feelings and emotions of a human easily and we should not judge his behavior in a way which is pleasant for us. We can introduce Sharon as the “first real traitor” in Victor’s life and imagine that he did not care about her disloyalty.

He showed that he walks in the independency way with this action

and he can take control of his sentiment which is the main factor in order to gain absolute politic power. In this case Victor wrote: “Relation between Sharon and me was a student love affair and I never conceive her as my wife and my children’s mother. She had no sense of gratefulness and was very vain and proud. She looked at others like her servants and her most famous trait was “jealousy”. Sharon burns in jealousy fire and did not see anyone higher or better than herself.”


• My Dear Cousin “Kevin”


Near two and half in morning, Victor woke up with the phone ring. He was so exhausted from the day before and got up in a serious fraught mode. What event could be so important which had made “Kevin Rockster” call Victor?

Victor’s mother who had woken up cos of these noises, got herself to the phone and met a strange scene. Victor had been shocked and his face was smeary of perspiration. “Elizabeth Rockster” – Victor’s mother – narrated: “I have never seen Victor like that before. He had been surprised so much in a way that I felt his heart would stop at any second. I could not guess what event could happen.” The event was the one which allocated the most first titles of the press in the morning and pleased the government’s proponents. Countryman Newspaper printed: “The Traitor Tiger has been hunted”. According to Kevin’s information, Eric Scraper had been arrested on May 7th 4544 in Seattle. US Message newspaper printed on 8th May 4544: “After many efforts of security forces, at last a boss of one of the anti-government parties who is very radical and warmonger was arrested. Soon he will reply about his deeds in the justice court.”

Well, now it’s Victor and this magnificent situation for a staple movement. Two days later, Kevin entered Indianapolis in order to talk to “ready to burst” Victor.


• I Want to Take the Power


While Kevin Rockster met Victor, he surprised about Victor’s words and cogitated deeply. Victor noticed HERALDISM for the first time and called himself a politic leader. Kevin had been excited in a way which he immediately believed in Victor. He called Victor – “Herald” – and took the devotion swear as “Herald’s Right Hand”. The game had been begun. Herald was used as an equivalent for “Leader of USA” in order to be the new ruler’s title. Maybe it is a bit funny that two over excited youngsters flew up to top of the sky during a night and discussed about their country’s politic government, a government which they took themselves as its kings.


• Viva La Herald!


Dawn of 17th February 4545 was an important day for Victor. He married Samantha Rokemazzi – Alejandro Rokemazzi’s first daughter. Alejandro Rokemazzi was Kentucky’s governor and had strong relations with US present state. We would better know he was an Italian-American and it is clear from his family name. He was not among Italian-American people who prefer English names instead of their own native names. They know English race as the main origin of US, but vice versa A. Rokemazzi was an Italian dogmatic ethnocentric and believed North America is the Italians heritage.

We would better know he just evidently was a McFloyd government’s pro and the future corroborated this reality. This wealthy and respectable father-in-law (Samantha’s father) helped American Heraldism a lot and tried to serve for the highness of this ideology. Five days after Victor’s wedding date; it was the first round of presidential election. Kevin decided to go to Washington D.C. accompanying Victor in order to make changes to the election results, of course in the direction of his goals. It was an exciting challenge. A “twenty four year old” noble and Gilbert University graduate versus

Irish-American rightist – Alvin McFloyd. According to US constitution which was affirmed in 4398, we called a person, American who his or her family had resided in America for more than “five hundred” years. This law was propounded by Brian Warfield – a senator in that time – and was affirmed. For this reason and according to this law, I like to identify and specify the nobility and origin of my story’s people.

Advertise period was started and McFloyd and Victor took part in the contest. K. Rockester has written notable writings about that time: “It was a nice experiment. We were so excited, thought the success surely will be ours and McFloyd will be an easy loser.”

On 28th February 4545 the results was announced and as the most people expected, Alvin McFloyd was appointed as the US president up to 4549 with absolute majority of the votes.


• The Last Four Years of Peace


As Stuart Rokan said the years between 4545 up to 4549 were the “last four years of peace”. Stuart Rokan was born at SarasotaFlorida in 4498. In 4527 he was graduated from Harvard with PHD degree. In second period of McFloyd’s presidency, Rokan was the economics and trade affairs minister in his cabinet. And he serviced in Heraldist government as “war minister” for the emperor. Four years in question was a short occasion for Victor to be ready to rule. There was a twisty and tortuous way for him. Kevin took the first pace and suggested to create a strong politic party which its leader was Victor.

They named it "Heraldism", society of Herald believers. Now this new found party should have some members in order to gain its aims. Guess who is seen in the first line of members? Yes, it is Stuart Rokan who came up in the story to perform his historical role. It's the reason that in Heraldism's glorious time and war extremity with Japan, US people named him the "provident wizard".



























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